Searching or Surfing?
If your searching, we can help.
If your surfing, please enjoy and maybe we can help later.

How can we help?
By giving you simple, easy access to a variety of legal solutions
at low and reasonable costs.

How low are our fees?
Upwards to half of comparative rates.
Just see our Fees Guide.

How can we do this?
By creating our own business model
the core of which revolves around our clients.
With this model, we reduce our costs overall
without sacrificing service and commitment.

And yes
Some matters we do on a 'no win - no professional fee' basis.

To Make an Appointment
By your choice, contact us through this web page or by phone, email, SMS or even social media. Our office is centrally located within the Redlands at Alexandra Hills on the corner of Vienna and Redland Bay Roads (near the Redlands IndigiScapes Centre) but we ask you contact us ahead to schedule an in-office appointment. Alternatively, we are just as happy to speak with you if you would prefer an appointment by phone or other electronic means such as Skype.

Our Services
We provide general legal services throughout Queensland using virtual technology as much and as simply as possible. We cover a broad spectrum of law including-

* Estate planning / litigation
* Personal injury law
* Family law
* Wills and Powers of Attorney
* Deceased estate administration
* Small business law
* Conveyancing
Some matters such as Estate litigation and claims for Personal injury can be done on a 'no win - no professional fee' basis but we must discuss this with you first as there are special rules which control the way these matters are conducted.
Unfortunately, we do not do legal aid or criminal defence matters.

pHow We Charge
We will happily negotiate professional fees with you even if you wish to retain us on a 'no win - no professional fee' basis (outlays may still apply) or you seek a fixed fee for our service. Usually we assess what work is involved at the first appointment and at that appointment (unless we need more
information from you) agree on the charge for professional fees. If you choose not to proceed at that time, we will not raise any charge. We can do this due to our substantially reduced operating costs which makes us more flexible in the manner we charge and the amount we charge - for example our hourly professional fee charge rate for a senior lawyer is only $220.00 per hour inclusive of GST. To compare this to the current Queensland Courts prescribed fees, please refer to Schedule 1 of the Queensland Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 1999. And you may be aware many law firms charge above the Courts prescribed fees! For more details, please either refer to our Fees Guide or contact us.
We must mention as our primary internet domain is '' (which means we don't use '.com' or similar), on two earlier occasions emails sent by us were automatically directed by the recipient's email settings to their 'spam'/'junk mail' folder. We will always reply to an email we receive, so if you appear not to have received a reply from us, please check your 'spam'/'junk mail' folder, and also alter your email settings to allow emails from us which has resolved the issue. Alternatively, please contact us and if necessary we can use other local internet domains from which emails can be sent.

Our Details

Ward Legal - Queensland

ABN: 38 321 060 829

​O:  220 Vienna Road (cnr Redland Bay Rd), Alexandra Hills, Redlands Qld 4161

P:   220 Vienna Rd, Alexandra Hills Qld 4161

L:   (07) 3134 2796

M:  0424 839 273

F:   (07) 3054 7371




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About Us
The principal of Ward Legal - Queensland, Les Ward, is a senior lawyer with over 3 decades of experience as a sole practitioner. After completing 5 years Articles of Clerkship (effectively an apprentice Solicitor), Les was admitted as a Solicitor in Queensland in March 1982. Subsequently he has been admitted to the High Court of Australia. Les is the holder of a current unrestricted Principal's Practising Certificate issued through the Queensland Law Society.

In his early days of practice, Les concentrated primarily in litigation with an emphasis on the commercial 
aspects but also undertook substantial deceased estate administration. Today his impressive work experience boasts a wealth of knowledge ranging from commercial and business law, estate planning and elder law, personal injuries, family law, commercial and residential conveyancing, building units and body corporates through to marina law. In these times of 'labels', Les is referred to as a 'generalist lawyer' - something he relishes as he loves dealing with a variety of legal matters. He also believes generalist lawyers have a much better perspective when assisting clients with their legal matters which allows such lawyers to offer a far greater broad-based approach and often this may encompass other relevant issues.

Not simply staying within the practice of the law but as an adjunct to it, Les also has previously been registered as a financial planner, loans broker and insurance broker. It was during that time of his career he set up and operated what is now generally referred to as an MDP (multi-disciplinary practice) and as part of that MDP, he also set up and operated a real estate agency. Away from the practice of the law, Les dabbled in politics and for a number of years was the CEO of a former Queensland political party which in its heyday claimed 6 sitting members of the Queensland Parliament. Today however, Les is merely content to practice only the law.

Les has a genuine passion that his clients have an understanding even in a modest way, of the legal service that he is providing for them. His most common words to a client are "You with me?" The words are not hollow to Les as he wants to ensure his clients have an understanding of the legal service being provided. Too often he will tell people if you go to any person that holds them self out as a professional in their area (and that includes trades) and you don't understand something they have told you, the question you always ask is "Why?" And you keep asking that question until you as the client understand. He adds, if need be the professional must be able to explain what they are doing in 2 syllable words. If they can't, then chances are they don't know what they're doing and you as the client should go and find someone else. So it is with Les and hence the question he always asks "You with me?"

ABN: 38 321 060 829
Liability limited by a scheme approved under professional standards legislation