The following are published as a representative guide of the Professional Fees, Other Items and Outlays/Expenses/Disbursements utilised by Ward Legal – Queensland.

Fixed Fee Items  (excludes GST) -
[NOTE: Charges for GST, Other items, outlays, expenses and disbursements are additional to Fixed Fees]

Wills / EPA
   Husband-Wife standard Wills & EPAs:  $240.00
   Will (standard) prepared/emailed from:  $60.00
   EPA prepared/emailed:  $60.00
   Advanced Health Directive prepared/emailed:  $60.00
Family / Same Sex
   Binding Financial Agreement (pre/post nuptial) prepared/emailed from:  $750.00
   Parenting Plans prepared/emailed from: $250.00
   Lease for Business Premises (standard) - Lessee from:  $350.00
   Lease for Retail Shop (standard) - Lessee from:  $650.00
For additional matters for which the Professional Fees can be charged as a Fixed Fee item, please contact our Firm.

Rates of Professional Fees for matters that are not 'Fixed Fee' charged pro rata per hour (inclusive of GST) -
[NOTE: Charges for Other items, outlays, expenses and disbursements are additional to Professional Fees]

Work performed by a Senior Solicitor with more than 10 years post admission experience ('pae'):  $220.00 per hour
Work performed by a Solicitor with less than 10 years pae:  $165.00 per hour
Work performed by a Law Graduate/Trainee Solicitor:  $110.00 per hour
Work performed by a Law Clerk (also called a paralegal):  $77.00 per hour

Rates for 'Other Items' Charge  (inclusive of GST) -

Photocopying – black mono:  $0.55 per page
Photocopying - colour:  $0.88 per page
Facsimiles:  $1.10 per page
Document lodgement:  $31.90 per attendance
Searches and other paralegal services:  $31.90 per attendance
Secretarial and word processing services:  N/A
Some computer services:  N/A
Clerical and accounting services:  $27.50 per hour
Trust Account administration services:  $27.50 per hour
General library services:  N/A 

Items which are 'Outlays, Expenses and Disbursements'
Outlays, expenses and disbursements are sums of money which the Firm pays (or becomes liable to pay) to others on behalf of a Client which a Client will pay or reimburse to the Firm at the same rate as that charged to the Firm. For example these may include -
     Search fees
     Enquiry fees
     Court and other filing fees
     Lodgement fees
     All government revenue charges (including stamp duty)
     Transaction specific banking charges (including bank cheques, card surcharge)
     Process servers and investigators
     Clinical records from hospitals
     Medical, experts’ reports and/or other external consultants
     Witnesses' fees and expenses
     Postage courier and messengers
     Transcripts charges
     Other law practice fees (including Barrister’s fees)
     Travel expenses and accommodation costs